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B E A U T Y  R E V E A L E D 

I N   D Y N A M I C   P R E S E N C E


My name is Sara.


I invite you to join me on a journey

to uncover hidden treasures 

that are patiently waiting

to be seen and owned up.  

My knowledge, presence and skills

can assist you in navigating

the liminal - in between - spaces,

bringing you into alignment

with the truth of your heart

and the next step

of your unfolding story.

Through dialogue & deep listening,

creative exploration,

or a restorative bodywork session,

we can explore

your inner world

and find integrative intersections

of harmony, healing

and insight.


S E R V I C E S 

Sara holds a gentle and receptive space that allows you to enter into realms within yourself that are subtle, soft and complex. She encourages you to go deep with a sense of lightness and innocence, uncovering new layers of understanding, potent insights and hidden pockets of joy.

H O L I S T I C   M E N T O R I N G

f i n d   y o u r   f l o w

Whether you are an adult changing careers, a child moving through academic or emotional blocks at school, an artist looking for new expression or inspiration, or someone who just feels stuck and not sure of how to move forward,

Sara is happy to meet with you and assist you in identifying your blocks and finding your flow.   

Contact Sara for an initial free 15-minute consultation via Skype.

B I O D Y N A M I C    C R A N I O S A C R A L   T H E R A P Y

s o m a t i c   h e a l i n g

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a hands-on therapy which assists the body’s natural capacity for self-repair.

Sara will sit with you in stillness and with a light and gentle touch listen to the expression of your body’s rhythms and messages through her hands. The craniosacral field is a fluid field that is most easily felt in the sacrum, spine and head, though it can also extend beyond the physical body.  This gentle touch will mirror back to the body any sites of inertia or stagnation and by means of the breath of life, the unwinding of tensions and trauma will be facilitated.

It can be an effective treatment for most any issue,  be it physical or emotional,  as craniosacral integration revolves around establishing the underlying strength at the core of our being, rather than around symptoms and disease.

C R E A T I V I T Y   C O A C H I N G

y o u.   i n   l i v i n g   c o l o u r.

Been feeling the urge to get creative but a little shy to begin?

  Have you already embraced your creative self but are looking for fresh inspiration or a novel way forward?

Join Sara for an inspiring journey of the heart and mind – reflected in form and colour.

This is art that originates in the intuitive heart and is not based on any specific technique.  

It is from this place, that we are all artists.



T E S T I M O N I A L S 

W H A T   I   S H A R E   &   H O W   I  C A N   H E L P

'Sara taught my children while they were Worldschooling. Her compassionate, creative inquiring guidance allowed them to explore projects that would otherwise have intimidated them, and with patience they grew tremendously in confidence. Sara’s style is very intuitive, and she gives the children the opportunity to become the authors of their own educational stories. I think that was extremely empowering for my boys.'

Renee Martyna

'Sara has embodied the skills and natural process of artistry and creativity. It comes so naturally to her to see the truth of what I am trying to say/present and relay that back to me in a disarming way - allowing me to come back to the reason I am creating in the first place.

It is always challenging for any artist or creator to invite someone else into their process. Defenses, paint-points, and blind spots can be confusing landmines to navigate but she was able to do that with so much compassion and understanding.

I tend to struggle with form and structure when crafting my videos, Sara was able to highlight the importance of them by relating them back to the source of my creative enjoyment. And that gift is still guiding me today, Thank you Sara.'

Jocelyn Lee

'Sara is a like a breeze of fresh, authentic air coming through where ever she goes and what ever she does. Her sensitive listening and giggling soul inspires by its pure existence. She has been teaching my daughter in private classes for over four years and I could not be more happy with every aspect of her work.

I deeply recommend Sara if you want to relax into and learn to express what it is to be a simple, natural and sweetly creative human being.'

Susanna Nova

'For many years Sara has been a constant support from when we first set up our company to today. Sara has this unique talent: she listens to your ideas and from that, develops your ideas into something much more unique that presents your ideas with even more clarity.  True gift to work with her!'

Ingela Pinglan

'Sara was my daughter's 8th grade homeschool teacher. Connecting with an adolescent over English grammar and math equations is not the simplest task, but Sara brought sensitivity, insight and gales of laughter to every session. Her work with my daughter transcended academics and addressed emotions and spirit as well, somehow managing both directness and subtlety.'

Avara Yaron


Attentive and listening.

A modern day Alice of the inner realms.

A spirited artist with a contemplative heart.

Learning to dwell peacefully in the phenomenal mystery.

Alive in the churning, awake to the burning.

Celebrating in sound, colour, space and silence.

Deeply touched.  Forever moved.

In gratitude.


L E T ' S   C O N N E C T

CANADA: +1 (438) 728-4524

BALI: +62 (0)81 237 979509