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In whatever way I share with you, my intention is that my presence, knowledge and skills assist you in artfully and harmoniously aligning with your heart. I provide a space where you can safely explore and discover your inner world.  

My heart is the heart of a philosopher and artist.  I deeply enjoy musing over speculative theories, dancing with what ifs, and letting my imagination run wild yet, in and through it all, I find I am most concerned with what is true.  

This inquiry into what is true began with a fascination for the study of astrology, leading me to complete a university degree in psychology, which then found me living in South Korea and Spain teaching English as a Second Language. Next, it was onto New Zealand where I completed a post-graduate degree in education.  I left New Zealand and within a span of three years got married and divorced. I spent a year mending my broken wings and then found myself flying to Bali, Indonesia.  It was a fresh, new chapter of my life that brought ten years of deep transformation.


I lived in a bamboo yurt, teaching at an eco-school without walls; melted into the fluid tide of craniosacral therapy training; dove into colorful shamanic-like oil painting journeys on canvas; taught yoga at nutrition-based self-care retreats and played harmonium in devotional singing circles. Underpinning all these pursuits were my intensive studies with a traditional teacher of Vedanta, the knowledge found in the Upanisads, the sacred texts of India.  This knowledge, shared by my teacher, helped me see the one truth that is already a self-evident fact; that which supports and lends existence to all other forms of knowledge.


These places I have lived, studied and worked have gifted me with so much. What I cherish most are the relationships formed with individuals I’ve met along the way; people who are passionate in their field of study and who have invested considerable time and effort in pursuit of that passion, unafraid to go against the grain and the common myth, honoring their heart’s calling and engaging in what makes their soul and spirit come alive.  


Those who meet me often say they leave our time together feeling inspired, relaxed, uplifted, and with greater clarity. May this be so with whomever I meet; may we bring out the best in each other and find the courage to share what our heart feels to share in each moment in honour of our mutual growth, celebration and healing. Let's walk away saying 'ah...'.